Germany accused of facilitating “genocide” in the Gaza Strip

Germany accused of facilitating “genocide” in the Gaza Strip before the International Court of Justice

before the International Court of Justice, Nicaragua accused Berlin of “facilitating the commission of genocide” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by providing political and military support to Israel.

Managua is asking judges at the International Court of Justice in The Hague to impose emergency measures to stop Berlin from providing weapons and other aid to Israel.

“We reject Nicaragua’s claims,” German Foreign Ministry spokesman Sebastian Fischer said.

“Germany has not violated either the Genocide Convention or international humanitarian law, and we will prove this in the International Court,” he added, addressing reporters.

Nicaragua will present its arguments today, and Germany will follow tomorrow.

In a 43-page letter to the Court, Managua says Berlin is violating the UN Genocide Convention, which was drawn up in 1948 in the wake of the Holocaust.

“By sending war materials and cutting off funding to UNRWA,” the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, “Germany is helping to commit genocide,” Nicaragua complains.

At the same time, he emphasizes that “Germany maintains with this country (including Israel), as it characterizes, privileged relations that would allow it to beneficially influence its behavior.”

Managua is asking the International Court of Justice to take emergency measures until it has examined the case in detail, deeming it “necessary and urgent” given that the lives of “hundreds of thousands of people” are at stake.

“Analog Response”

In another appeal filed at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, South Africa accuses Israel of committing genocide in the Gaza Strip, which Israel categorically denies.

In that case, the Court asked Israel to do everything possible to prevent any act of genocide, and recently hardened its position by introducing additional measures forcing Israel to expand humanitarian access to the Gaza Strip.

The decisions of the International Court of Justice are binding, but it has no mechanism for monitoring their implementation.

Nicaragua is asking for five interim measures, mainly that Germany “immediately suspend the assistance it provides to Israel, mainly military assistance, including war materials.”

It also asks the court to require Berlin to “reverse its decision to suspend funding to UNRWA.”

In January, Germany announced it was suspending funding to the UN agency pending an investigation into Israeli allegations that about 10 of its members were involved in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

Nicaragua assessed that “it can be understood” that Germany supports ally Israel’s “proportionate response” to the Hamas attack.

“But this cannot be a justification for actions in violation of international law,” he emphasizes.

German Foreign Minister Analena Burbock said on Friday that Israel “no longer has an excuse” for delaying the arrival of humanitarian aid in Gaza.

Sources: APE-MPE-AFP.


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