Holy Cathedral of Agia Fotini in Athens

On the site of the already existing majestic church, a temporary wooden church of Agia Fotini was originally built, which served the religious needs of the first settlers in the New Smyrna area. Later, the architect Mr. Demiris began construction of the current church on a site provided by the state.

The grand opening of this holy church, when it was not yet completely completed, took place on October 27, 1940. The consecration ceremony was performed by the late Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, Mr. Chrysanthos.

A carved iconostasis has been installed around this holy church for about fifty years, along with the Despotic Throne and the Sacred Chair. These elements come from the historic Metropolitan Church of Agia Fotini in Smyrna and were transferred thanks to the efforts of the late Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos and with the consent of the Turkish authorities.

It is important to note that the Temple of Agia Fotini in Nea Smyrna, together with the Despotic Throne and the Sacred Chair, is a true masterpiece of ecclesiastical wood carving art, depicting intricate decorative elements and scenes from the Bible and church life.

This parish church carries out important pastoral work, including worship, catechesis, charity and other pastoral activities carried out in the spirit of true ecclesial community. Particularly celebrated are such holidays as Samaritan Sunday, the day of the Holy Great Martyr Photini, patroness of New Smyrna, February 23 – the day of remembrance of St. Polycarp of Smyrna, and the week before the Ascension – the day of memory of St. Chrysostom of Smyrna.

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