Thematic evening “From Old Vania to Hellas”

On October 14 and 15, on the initiative of the Athens Education and Culture Center “Caucasus” and especially our emigration.

House of Otar Lortkipanidze of the National Museum of Georgia. Manager of Van Archaeological Museum-Reserve, historian-archaeologist Omar Gabunia;
Murman Shatirishvili, well-known author-performer, honorary citizen of Kutaisi, as the guest of honor;
St. Choreographic ensemble “Akhali Era” (choreographers: Rita Ormotsadze and Rati Mamashlis; artistic director Mikheil Pirmoashvili) located in the cultural center of Vani.
Two important events were planned and implemented these days:
Saturday, 14.10.2023 – A thematic evening called “From Ancient Van to Hellas” was held at the Athens Culture Center “Caucasus”, which was attended by a large number of Georgian diaspora, especially Vanites, interested Georgian, Greek and foreign friends. In the ancient Van culture.
Mr. Omar Gabunia presented an interesting talk on “Ancient Kolkheti and the Ancient World”, which received a great response.
The evening was attended by:

Temporary Commissioner for Georgian Affairs Dea Mumladze, Georgian Consul in Athens Gela Japaridze, Senior Advisor Davit Kordzadze and Hellenist Zurab Vacheishvili;
On behalf of fellow citizens, immigrant Nana Shuradze (co-author of the project “Vani’s Days in Athens”) was welcomed to the community.
A heartwarming speech was given by the famous Greek writer Marti Labru (Athens Academy Award in 2014), who shared his impressions of his 3-week trip to Georgia (he devoted half a day to the Van Museum-Reserve).
After the academic part of the evening, a musical program was held.
First of all, the soloist was given to the inimitable Murman Shatirishvili, who first presented his famous repertoire, and then performed some urban songs with the vocal ensemble of the Athens Cultural Center “Caucasus”.

A small reception was held in the same hall – “Imeruli Autumn Nobat”.
Finally, the dancers of “Caucasus” and “Akhali Epok” performed several Georgian dances together.
The evening was chaired by the founder of the Georgian Institute and Culture Center “Caucasus” in Athens, Avt. Mikaberidze.
It should be noted that this was the 4th thematic meeting with the Greek emigration, initiated by the Athens Cultural Center “Caucasus”, guests from Georgia and other countries.

“From Meskheti to Hellas” (25.03.2018);

“From historical Heret (Azerbaijan) to Hellas” (22.09.2019).

“From Kakheti (Akhmeta) – He

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