strong intensity – how will this affect the networks

The President of the Academy of Athens, Stamatis Krimizis, reported an unprecedented geomagnetic storm that hit several countries with great force, causing significant problems in telecommunications and power grids. He noted that this storm was one of the most powerful in the entire history of observations.

“This phenomenon begins on the Sun. From time to time, large explosions occur on the Sun, throwing billions of tons of material consisting of protons and electrons into space. If these particles collide with the Earth’s magnetic field, it is like a tsunami hitting land and causes a kind of “earthquake” of the magnetic field. The particles penetrate the atmosphere, creating currents that reach the earth’s crust,” Krimizis explained.

According to a leading astrophysicist, such phenomena could seriously damage electrical networks. For example, in the 1980s, a geomagnetic storm knocked out high-voltage transformers in North America, causing power outages from Canada to New York for several hours.

“This was one of the most powerful storms,” Krimizis emphasized, adding that such events occur approximately every 10-20 years. He also talked about how scientists track geomagnetic storms using satellites that predict solar emissions.

He noted that the economic impact of such storms could be enormous. “If one of the big storms had happened a hundred years ago, the damage would have been up to three trillion euros,” he said.

Speaking to journalist Thanos Siafaka, Krimizis said the duration of geomagnetic storms varies, and according to the US National Forecast Center, the greatest intensity could be reached as early as tonight. This is unusual as the storm usually lasts one day.

The President of the Academy of Athens also referred to a letter from European academies to MEP candidates expressing concern about the de-prioritization of research and innovation. “Science and innovation are the driving force of progress and economic development,” Krimizis emphasized.

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