Village mobilization: They arrive in Athens on Tuesday

Village Mobilization: They start from Platicambos for the Boeotian fortress. They arrive in Athens on Tuesday.

The Thessalians will soon begin to arrive for the village meeting on Tuesday in Syntagma. As reported by journalist Konstantina Theocharoulis, it is expected that around 10:00 am the tractors that will take part in the action will start their journey towards Athens from the Platikampo quarter and drive along the old Larissa-Volos highway. They will then meet their colleagues who have set up a checkpoint in Stefanovicio, then travel through Almiros, join other tractors and in a convoy, now accompanied by patrol cars and farm vehicles, will reach Antilles, where they will meet the tractors that will take part in the rally from block E-65 to Cardica. This convoy will then end up at the Boeotian castle, where the farmers will spend the night.

They will have other vehicles with them with fuel as well as any problems that any farm machinery may encounter to be able to respond and repair and will leave Boeotia Castle for Athens early tomorrow morning. A preliminary meeting will be held at Omonia Square at 17:30, and then at 18:30 everyone will go together to Syntagma.

In addition, many farm vehicles will be operating from tomorrow, with as many people as possible, as well as buses. It is estimated that by now the number of buses from Thessaly that are likely to go to Athens could exceed 60.

Farmer from Platikampos quarter, Kr. Among other things, Sidiropoulos said on the ties show that the implementation of the new CAP is a national issue and what was voted for in the EU should be changed. Speaking about Thessaly and compensation, he emphasized that these are not the economic costs that we have incurred. “The disasters that we see in Thessaly concern about 180,000 hectares that are still under water and another 300,000 hectares that are not cultivated,” Mr. Sidiropoulos stressed, explaining that no one will be hindered and the road will not be closed. . He spoke of an orderly and careful descent, noting that we would be in Syntagma on Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday morning – probably at 10 o’clock – we would leave for Thessaly and back to central Greece.

The Hellenic Miners’ Federation has announced that it is on the side of the farmers and will organize an action in Syntagma on Tuesday at 18:00. “The struggle of the farmers, who are helping the national union and coordination for their survival, is just and we demand that the government meet all their demands, continue to produce agricultural products that are left in the country after the degeneration of the government.” The productive infrastructure of the country and the qualification of speculation methods, such as energy exchanges, tourism products and middlemen, they said.

Meanwhile, the road blockade continues for several hours. Farmers from the Florin Niki customs block will close the border to trucks today, Monday, February 19, from 12:00 to 15:00. The farmers say they are determined to intensify their mobilization on Tuesday by blocking the borders at I.X. When there will be a big rally in Athens with tractors on Syntagma.

South Euro farmers continue to mobilize for tomorrow’s strike in Athens, amid a four-hour blockade at the Kyi customs. The blockade, for commercial vehicles only, will be implemented from 5 to 9 p.m., always with respect for the citizen and “without any desire to complicate the work of customs officials,” said a representative of the Alexandroupolis Agricultural Association. Kostas Canavidis told ERT Orestiada.

Today in the afternoon it will be decided whether a symbolic number of tractors will arrive in Athens to take part in the rally. Already, a large number of farmers will leave in convoy with their farm vehicles, and in cooperation with Komotini farmers, buses will probably leave for Athens at dawn.

Farmers in Halkidiki are expected to intensify their mobilization today, while preparations are underway to send tractors to Athens for the farmers, many of which are expected to be loaded onto trucks.

“In practice, we prove that we are truly a government of all Greek men and women, caring not only for the many, but also for the few – especially the most vulnerable, such as children – ensuring the rights, justice and freedom of the few. To our fellow citizens, who have been deprived until today. Rewarding and supporting consistent and genuine producers who fight every day in this field is a priority for us. Because this is how we support the commodity sector from mine to shelf, as well as the higher priced consumer, the issues are numerous and complex. We will, of course, continue to support them, but always taking into account the country’s financial capabilities. We cannot jeopardize what we have achieved,” Mitsotakis said.


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