Greek MPs have legalized gay marriage

Greece: MPs legalize gay marriage and adoption of children by same-sex couples

Greece has become the first Orthodox country to maximize equal rights for same-sex and heterosexual couples. The corresponding law was adopted in the parliament as a result of two days of discussion.

Greek lawmakers have legalized same-sex marriage and allowed gay couples to adopt children.

176 deputies supported the initiative during the roll-call vote. 76 voted “against”, two abstained, and 46 people did not come to the meeting.

The so-called “marriage equality” bill was proposed by the right-wing government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the text was adopted with the support of the left-wing opposition, which consists of 3 different factions and the center-left PASOK.

According to polls, the landmark reform has not caused deep divisions in the country, despite the protests of many Orthodox hierarchs and activists.

At the same time, according to Greek media, the head of the Church of Greece, Archbishop Hieronymus II, took “not the most radical position” on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Although the law provides full parental rights to same-sex couples, the ban on surrogacy will remain.


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