Measles: The second dose of the vaccine can be given at any age

Which population groups are most at risk – The second dose of the vaccine can be given at any age

Professor of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Medical School of the Hellenic Academy of Sciences, Gikas Mayorkinis, told ERT about the epidemiological picture of measles in our country, saying that it is one of the diseases from which we are completely protected from childhood. Vaccination. As he noted, vaccination is usually “recommended after the first year of life (first dose), and after the second year a second dose, which provides 100% protection for life.

Speaking to journalists Kristina Vidou and Kostas Paphlimintso, Mr. Mayorkinis emphasized that those who are vaccinated will not contract measles. However, according to him, there are population groups in our country who have not been vaccinated and for this reason they are extremely vulnerable.

“More than 50% of cases are recorded in the Roma population. But we must emphasize that vaccinated people have absolutely no fear of getting infected from non-vaccinated people,” he said.

As for all adults who haven’t received both doses, he emphasized that a measles survivor has lifelong immunity. “If someone hasn’t taken the second dose, they can do it at any time. Even at the age of 60,” he said. Asked how an adult could tell if he had been vaccinated, Mr Mayorkinis said he could do an antibody test.

Commenting on the increase in cases reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), he explained that there are major gaps in vaccination that have emerged since the fall of communist regimes. “We are also seeing a big increase in Romania and Russia,” he said, adding that in some Third World countries, due to economic priorities, vaccination programs are not being implemented properly.

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