700 euro fine for Greek drivers

In Greece, drivers face a fine of 700 euros for violating traffic rules. This punishment may be justified given the growing need to improve driving culture and adherence to rules on roads that increasingly resemble chaotic jungles. Strong and aggressive drivers often have the upper hand in this situation.

Thousands of drivers break the rules, but the severity of their actions varies. Parking illegally, for example, is less dangerous than driving while intoxicated. However, many drivers underestimate the danger of some violations.

A common example is U-turns, especially in places where they can cause serious accidents. U-turns are only permitted in certain areas to minimize the risk of traffic accidents. On country roads with double solid lines, a U-turn can catch drivers on both sides off guard, creating dangerous situations.

In urban environments, drivers often break the rules by making U-turns on busy city streets to avoid traffic jams, which also increases the risk of accidents. Traffic regulations prohibit U-turns on motorways, expressways, in tunnels and in places with double solid lines. Violation of these rules may result in a fine of 700 euros, as defined in Article 29 of the Traffic Regulations.

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