The legendary Jovana and our most talented Dodona

The inimitable friend of Georgia, the legendary Iovanna Ιοβάννα Καλπαξή) and our most talented Dodona (Dodona Namoradze) at the Georgian-Greek party, which was held in honor of Mr. Gia Bagashvili (Gia Bagashvili • Gia Bagashvili), in the historical Greek restaurant Μαγεμένος Αυλός (“Magic Flute”).
One of the hosts of the evening, together with your servant, was a famous Greek businessman, a great admirer of Georgian culture – Dimitris Theophilou (Δημήτρης Θεοφίλου).

“Tbilisi” “Suliko”, performed in a duet by the famous Greek singer Iovana and the talented participant of the Greek “Voice” Dodona Namoradze, was well received. Gia Bagashvili provided musical accompaniment to the singers.

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