Mandatory use of POS – fine up to 1500 euros for violators

The use of POS terminals has already become mandatory for all sectors of the economy. According to ERT tax technician Atanasia Stolak, all 35 sectors previously excluded from January 1 are now also required to purchase a POS and receive payments through it by February 29.

These sectors include street markets, street vendors, kiosks, convenience stores, convenience stores, taxis, insurance agents, brokers, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, theaters and cinemas. They all have until February 29th to install the POS terminals, and if they have requested the installation but have not yet completed the process, they have until March 31st.

Violators who do not install POS terminals within the specified period face a fine of up to 1,500 euros. Exceptions exist, for example, for those who sell wholesale and only issue invoices.

By March 29, all businesses must connect POS terminals to cash registers. This means that the POS will no longer work independently and orders will only be accepted through cash registers. When a customer uses a debit or credit card, they are given a receipt.

The process involves the creation of a POS register, which is already complete and available on the AADE digital portal. The second stage is the POS update carried out by the providers and the business is not involved at this stage. Once the upgrade is complete, the technician will notify AADE and contact the technician who installed the cash register to ensure cooperation between them.


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