The only player in history who touched me

AEK’s Argentinian coach Matias Almeida was invited by Super Deportivo Radio, published by Argentinian newspaper Ole, to talk about the new manager of River Plate (Martin Demichelis) and much more. Of course, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and his beloved River Plate. In which he had to coach at the most difficult moment in history, but although he took it to the first division, he later left when he came into conflict with the then president Daniel Passarella.

Now he “sent” advice to the new coach of “Millionaires” Martin Demichelis:

“I was telling him to give it love, passion, blood and sweat. Don’t leave this chair, don’t let anyone lift it, hold it and don’t go away, because this chair is unique, because we were born there and those who were born in such a club, only we know what We feel it,” said Almeida.

Almeida is still disappointed to leave Rivera:

“I have a special feeling for River, and it seems like a lot of people have forgotten that. I grew up there, I was a champion there. I was going through the worst period in its history. My love for River is so great, I don’t need to declare anything. Sometimes I think it’s unfair: I gave and got nothing. “

He also said: “If you told me today, where would you like to watch a football match when you retire? I’ve always dreamed of buying a room at the River Stadium because I haven’t been to the stadium since I left, and I’ve often asked myself, “Why should this happen to me? Why did they organize a party for the Copa Libertadores champions and not invite me? It’s not right”. I want to go back to the River Stadium as a fan. For that. I’ll buy a room the day I leave so I can watch River as a fan.”

However, while he is considering retirement, Almeida is not closing the door on other positions:

“I want to become the president of the club, I trained and prepared a lot. To do such a thing, I must be the owner, because if I do something, it is mine, and if I win, it is mine. I will not touch anyone’s pocket. I don’t see myself in that role in Argentina, it could be the role of sporting director, because I know I can work with several people, not just anyone, because I have to fight in two days.

Then he spoke about Lionel Messi:

I asked Messi how he felt when he won the World Cup. Tell me what went through his body because it will stay with me,” said Almeida, who played in two World Cups for Argentina.

“I really want to lift this 4 kg gold because it is something I have not received yet. I’ve been playing and trying to win and couldn’t so I’d like to know what it’s like. I fought all my life to become a world champion as part of the national team, but we did not succeed.

Matias Almeida also remembered Diego Maradona:

“Carlos Roa gave me a Maradona shirt and I wear it with my pajamas when I’m at home, I watch Diego’s videos and every day I’m more and more convinced that there won’t be another one like him. Never. Maradona is the only player in history who managed to transfer me and I like him. He’s the Argentine who saved us. .Many times a month I see videos of him playing.”

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