On February 8, the work will be stopped due to participation in student protests

The General Council of ADEDY has decided to announce a Greek work stoppage on Thursday, February 8, 2024, until the end of business hours at 11:00. and at the same time convenes a meeting at 12 o’clock in Propylaea for the Pahellenic Student Assembly.

The decision was made, as the Confederation of Civil Servants stated: “to express the support of civil servants on a competitive basis by their participation in the student pan-wide action in the struggle of all student associations and all bodies of academic and educational activities.” public, students, unions, and society as a whole to prevent private universities and the further dismantling of free public education.

We support the demands of student associations because education is everyone’s business.

Not in private universities! Do not put the bill on the table.
By-passing and revising Article 16.
Exclusively public and free education for all”.

Source: https://www.ertnews.gr/eidiseis/ellada/adedy-stasi-ergasias-stis-8-fevrouariou-gia-symmetoxi-stis-kinitopoiiseis-ton-foititon/

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