Immigrants are more proud of me and love me very much!

Dodona Namoradze: “Immigrants are more proud of me and they love me very much. My speech at “Yumorina” was also planned in Greece.”

Dodona Namoradze spoke to about her successful period, current stage and future plans.

Dodona Namoradze:

Starting with “Voice” of Greece, it is a very successful period. I think there is already a phase when I can say that my path begins differently. If I have been a participant in competitions before, now I am already on the jury, for example, I was recently in “Show us in your voice”, as a musical expert. This is a very big leap, which makes me very happy. Soon, in a few months, I will also present original songs to my listeners.

This is probably the dream of every singer… You had a big performance on “Yumorina” and it brought you great success. How did Gia Bagashvili offer you to participate?

This is a very funny story that I really like to tell. While speaking on “Voice” in Greece, I met Mr. Avtandil Mikaberidze, who is the founder of the emigrant center “Kavkasia”. He organized my first concert in Athens. Immigrants are very proud of me and love me very much, they were involved in “Voice”. When Mr. Avtandil invited Mr. Gia Bagashvili to Athens, I was in Tbilisi. He wanted Gia Bagashvili to meet me personally, he bought me a ticket and I also arrived at that time. One day, when we were talking about music and its genres, Mr. Avto brought up the story of my participation in “Yumorina” in his car. Then, of course, a lot of work was put into the preparation of this issue. Many thanks to Mr. Avtandil, who became my mentor. I am very thankful to Mr. Gia that I learned so much from him.

For example, what did you learn?

When I look at myself a year ago and then at the speech on “Yumorina”, I notice a very big change. Of course, years improve a singer, but working with Gia and Jemal Bagashvili has given me a lot of things. “Street musicians” have a great contribution to the preparation of this number, they are virtuosos and I am glad that I had to stand on stage with Levan Shengelia and Khvicha Maglagelidze. When we were rehearsing with them, I was highly motivated to become a virtuoso (laughs). I tried to present myself with dignity next to them, in a way that suited them. I did everything for it. Judging by people’s reactions, I think it worked.

How did Gia Bagashvili like it?

very. We really put in a lot of work. Then we talked about what could have been different. Musicians are always critical of our own performances. As I watched and listened, I wondered if I could go back in time and add or subtract something, but nothing seemed superfluous. It was a great honor for me to make my debut at “Yumorina” and to stand on stage for 22 minutes with these amazing people.

Is there talk of further cooperation?

I will be happy to continue cooperation. Our friendship continues, we have projects, programs or concerts. I have a new page Dodona Namoradze – in Georgian and Latin. I have 22,000 followers in two months. I am very glad to hear this story. I put all kinds of information on this page. If a concert is planned, you will find out from this page.

An interesting trio was formed with Barbara Samkharadze and Ana Uznadze…

We are not a trio. After the concert in Athens, Avtandil Mikaberidze and the page again offered a solo concert. I expressed my desire to take some people with me. I was given complete freedom in choosing them. I had seen Barbara once before, Anna – twice. We were not friends before. I came up with the idea that there would be three girls and I didn’t want any feeling of competition between us, so I decided to go with three singers of different genres. I suggested, they agreed, thanks to them. We held a concert attended by immigrants and the Greek community. Our voices suited each other very well, we performed four or five songs, shared our repertoire and sang in three voices. It was the first time for Barbara to sing in the voices and she was very good. Anna is 16 years old and has great professionalism. I am glad that I got the opportunity to sing with them and thank you very much for that. We are not going to form a trio in the future, but if there is an opportunity for the three of us to hold concerts together, we will not refuse…

Establishing yourself in show business is not easy. You probably went through a lot of hardships before you got here…

When one door closes, another one opens – I didn’t think of it, but experience has taught me. I have been a positive and happy person since childhood. I always try, when something bad happens, to tell myself that something better is ahead. Life helps me in this, and so do the people around me.

What is happening in personal news?

I have a girlfriend and I am very happy. I say this everywhere (smiles).

Don’t like to talk about personal topics in public?

Close people know, everyone knows, we also post photos on “Facebook”, but it is called personal relationship because it remains in personal space.

Songs are mostly about love, when someone is in love, do they sing better?

I don’t think it has anything to do with it. When I sing about love or any other topic, I can’t think of specific people. I never allow myself to do that, because then I won’t be able to sing like that. If it’s about love, I try to fall in love with the song itself, if it’s about friendship, I try to be friends with the song. At this time, you caress and embrace all the sounds one by one. I think, on the contrary, thinking about specific people is a hindrance. There is one song that I only sing for a specific person and that is Song For You by Ray Charles. Here, while performing this song, I think of one person… (smiles).

Interview: Nino Murgulia.

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