Mass demonstrations in support of Palestine

Large-scale demonstrations were held in various cities around the world, with participants carrying Palestinian flags.

During the World Day of Action for Palestine, large numbers of people from Washington to Amman gathered to demand a ceasefire and an end to the war in Gaza.

In particular, the participants in Washington expressed dissatisfaction with Joe Biden’s administration and demanded a complete end of American support to Israel.

Demonstrators in London focused on the crisis in Gaza, where there are no conditions left for normal life. A giant doll named Little Amal, which translates to “Hope” in Arabic, appeared at a mass protest in the capital of Great Britain.

The march was escorted by 1,700 police officers and several were arrested on charges of supporting banned terrorist organizations and inciting racial hatred.

For their part, Israeli citizens gathered to remember that more than 130 hostages are still being held by the militants. In the center of Tel Aviv, they installed an installation similar to underground tunnels, in which, according to some reports, there are hostages.


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